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Intruder Alarms Hove
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Read our news articles regarding security products and services, and gain expert advice on how to fully utilise your house alarm or other security system to provide you with the maximum protection.
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House Alarms Hove
New Technology Introduced For Further Protection
With criminals able to utilise various methods that involve high tech gadgets, staying on top of protection is of paramount importance. Due to this, Brighton and Hove County Council have now allowed the use of high quality, discreet cameras and intruder alarms which provide properties with the utmost protection.


House Alarms Hove
Burglaries Up More Than 40%
More than three homes a day were burgled in Brighton and Hove in just one year. Between April 2012 and the end of March 2013, 1,143 homes were raided in the city, an increase of 45% on the year before.

Sussex Police said they thought people travelling from outside Sussex to the city could be partly responsible for the huge spike...


House Alarm Hove
Sussex Police Warn Home Owners Over Holidays

Sussex Police  have warned people to make sure their home is secure if going on holiday this summer. They have offered safety advice, including making your home look like someone is living in it by not closing curtains, using automatic timer-switches and cancelling any newspaper or milk deliveries or asking someone to collect them for you.


HOuse Alarms Hove
Intruder Protection Provides HKC Quantum Wireless Alarm
Intruder Protection has become a distributor and installer of the HKC Quantum range of wireless alarms.  HKC has been providing market leading electronic security products into European markets since 1992.

The wireless quantum system allows rapid installation with the minimum disruption to your home – there is no need for wires between sensors and the control box...


House Alarms Hove
Intruder Protection From Shadow Surveillance
Welcome to complete intruder protection for your residential or commercial property in Brighton or anywhere in Sussex.  Intruder Protection is the new service from Shadow Surveillance, the well established Sussex security services company...


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Tips For Securing Your Home
Intruders may be opportunists but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid. By day, they’re walking around your neighbourhood, scanning and noting properties that appear vacant and vulnerable. Residential property protection is about more than getting intruders out of your property, it’s about sending a clear message so they don’t target you in the first place. Here are the best options for keeping your family and belongings safe from intruders.
Install an Alarm System
Alarm systems are your first line of defence, and have come a long way in recent years. You can install door and window sensors that signal when your property is entered, motion detectors that are activated when intruders are in certain rooms, vibration detectors that will detect broken glass, and panic buttons that you can sound if you’re home when an intruder arrives. Choose systems that can be activated from your smartphone or tablet if you want absolute control.
Engage a Monitoring & Response Unit
Take your alarm system one step further by engaging some serious back up. Monitoring and response units will head to your property as soon as your alarm is activated. Upon arrival they’ll inspect your property, and upon finding an intruder will immediately contact the police. More importantly, they’ll stay on-site until the authorities arrive, increasing the chances of your intruder being caught. If it’s a false alarm, the response unit will reset your alarm system and get back to their job of monitoring your property.
Combine CCTV with Security Lighting
There’s more to a CCTV system than just hanging a few cameras around the place. Engage a security company that will carry out a bespoke risk assessment, and have them consult with you regarding the specific placement of cameras and security lighting. The best companies will provide comprehensive training on how to use the control and recording equipment, from home or via your smartphone or tablet.
Engage a Security Patrol Service
Intruders hate security patrols, as they never know when one will turn up. While not for all domestic properties, these are a fantastic deterrent if your property is empty for lengthy periods of time. When canvassing your property, intruders will avoid your property at the first hint it is being patrolled.

Intruders want to be caught as much as you want them in your home. The above steps will leave you safe in the knowledge that, no matter where you are, the people and valuables you love are safe. When it comes to protection, there is no such thing as being too cautious.

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