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Frequently Asked Questions
Discover more about our intruder alarms and how we can help secure your property in Hove or Brighton.
Are HKC alarm systems wireless?

HKC offer a range of both wired and wireless systems making it easy for our expert engineers to find the perfect solution for your application. As wireless alarms are less obtrusive, easier to install and easier to maintain, they are a popular choice for today's homeowners in Hove, Brighton and other cities across the UK, and they are also very affordable.

Is a HKC alarm complicated to use?

HKC pride themselves in the design of their alarm's user friendly control panels. The control panels come with integrated on-board keypads allowing you to arm, disarm and monitor the status of your alarm from a single location. Here at Intruder Protection our expert engineers are always on hand should you have any difficulties controlling your alarm.

Where are HKC alarms produced?

HKC systems are designed and produced in the UK with both homes and business in mind. With a range of products that are suitable for multiple applications, whether it is a home, small business or large industrial premises, we are able to provide you with a security solution to meet your individual requirements. Contact us today and our expert team can advise you on what is best for your specific application.

Do I need a wireless or wired control panel?

The type of panel required for your particular application will depend on the size of the premises you wish to protect. Homes and smaller business are best suited to the Quantum 70 wireless control panel whereas larger homes and business will require either an SW 1070 or SW 20140 hybrid alarm control panel.

Can I control my alarm remotely?

HKC have developed a mobile app that allows users to remotely arm and disarm their alarm system at the push of a button. You will also receive push notifications to alert you of any alarm activity to ensure that you are fully protected at all times. The app also allows you to view and manage an activity log making monitoring your home or business when you are away much easier.

Intruder Alarms Hove
Smart Phone Control
Control and manage your alarm with the new smart phone app from HKC. Available for Android, Apple and Windows phones.
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Intruder Alarms Hove
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